The future of web development has arrived.

Introducing Factor, a free next-generation TypeScript framework you can use to create blogs, landing pages, and JamStack apps.

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Why you'll love using Factor

Factor will help you launch websites and applications faster.

Factor will help you launch websites and applications faster.

Dynamic Power, Static Scale
Weild the scalability of a statically hosted site with the power of a full featured endpoint framework.
Full Control
Get a standardized structure without it getting in your way. Your app controls all features and all UI.
Simple yet powerful
Factor simplifies your life by helping you use standards and best-practices without having to think about them.
Easy to use
Nobody likes reading technical docs. Factor is built for people that like to save time, not debug.
Search optimized
Build universal apps with VueJS. Get better SEO results with server-rendered apps.
Free and open-source
Factor is built on open-source and uses the same license as projects like WordPress and Linux.

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100% TypeScript Sites Made Easy

Build 100% JS/TS apps with best-of-class open source software. No more backend and frontend, Factor has a single environment you can use to build full-stack apps.

Faster and Simpler than WordPress

Factor helps you bring together all the different tools you'll need to build great apps. Add advanced features easily and quickly optimize things for SEO, marketing, and performance.

Full-Stack or Static

Prerender your Factor apps and use on static hosting. Use the endpoint framework for a JamStack approach.
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Advanced Plugins

Most coding frameworks make you do way too much custom coding. Their plugins can take days to learn, install, and customize. Factor focuses on making plugins dead simple. This means they "just work," but can be easily customized.
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Setup great sites quickly.

Leverage the app showcase for your boilerplate or build from scratch Factor gives you a complete theming and rapid app development system to quickly deploy apps.
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Create and run your web app with Factor and extensions.


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