Upgrading Factor

Upgrading Factor is easy. Normally it just involves upgrading your packages, but there are sometimes caveats.

Before You Upgrade

  • Factor follows the semver standard for releases. All upgrades should be considered non-breaking, unless they are major updates; (and even then changes are typically minor breaking changes.)
  • Before you upgrade, you may want to reference the changelog. This may explain any issues or functionality that may change once you've upgraded.

Upgrading with NPM or Yarn

yarn upgrade
# or
npm update

If you have issues, something may be caching or "locked" at an inappropriate version. To fix:

  1. Delete yarn.lock or package-lock.json
  2. Delete node_modules folder
  3. Run install command

Updating in Package.json

Your package.json file is what specifies which version of Factor and its plugins should be installed. You can also manually update versions there if you prefer.

Understanding ^ in versions
Most versions in package.json use the (^) "caret" marker. This specifies that the package should be upgraded unless the package is a major release. Since major releases are the only "breaking" releases, this is why using the (^) makes sense