Routes in Factor

Factor includes the standard vue-router to handle routing. To include all your routes in Factor, all that is needed is to return them in your app entry file (index.ts).

Route Format

The route format required by Factor is the same as discussed in the vue-router documentation.

Including routes in Factor with your entry file index.html looks like this:

// FILE: src/index.ts

// 1. Define route components.
// These can be imported from other files
const Home = { template: "<div>Home</div>" }
const About = { template: "<div>About</div>" }

// 2. Define some routes
// Each route should map to a component.
const routes = [
  { path: "/", component: Home },
  { path: "/about", component: About },

export const setup = () => {
  return {

In Your Components

Using the routes in your components is again standard for vue-router.

  • <router-link> - Link to another route from a component
  • <router-view> - This tag is replaced with child routes as needed based on the current URL
  <h1>Hello App!</h1>
    <!-- use the router-link component for navigation. -->
    <!-- specify the link by passing the `to` prop. -->
    <!-- `<router-link>` will render an `<a>` tag with the correct `href` attribute -->
    <router-link to="/">Go to Home</router-link>
    <router-link to="/about">Go to About</router-link>
  <!-- route outlet -->
  <!-- component matched by the route will render here -->
  <router-view />