Introduction and Backstory

Factor is an open-source JavaScript platform designed to be minimal and stable. It provides just enough structure to enforce best practices for modern apps.

It is designed for people who want control and don't like limitations. It's also nice for teams who need power and flexibility but have deadlines.

Hitting the right balance of needs has led Factor to be used in production by many organizations. Once you learn the basics, you'll love how easy it is to create superior websites and apps.

Every day Factor powers some of the most powerful yet scalable apps on the internet. Its modern architecture allows for portability, performance, and optimization which allows you to do more.

FactorES - Modern Application Stack

The Problem Factor Solves

With JavaScript apps things become complicated quickly; the language was not originally designed for full stack applications. There are many left over pitfalls from the days when JS was just for scripting. If you're not incredibly careful, months or years can be wasted.

Here we provide a core structure with best practices and structure; and then gives you the ability to easily work with your own code to reach your mission-specific goals.

How Factor Is Different

The first question people usually ask is, how is Factor different from everything else out there?

A few key characteristics of Factor:

  • ES Modules - Factor only uses the most modern standards in JavaScript. No webpack or CommonJS.
  • JavaScript Tools - All tools in Factor are designed to be JS compatible. TypeScript, Node, Vite, etc.
  • Easy Extension - Work with a special architecture that allows you to add new functionality in seconds.
  • Server & App in One Environment - It provides a structure that connects your UI to custom server-side endpoints.
  • Modern Portability and Scalability - It uses modern technology to scale and work within different environments. This is a traditional pain point of "classic" frameworks like Rails and WordPress.

Here is a comparison table to help you quickly see how things compare:

(JavaScript CMS)
(eg. WordPress)
Webpack Frameworks
(eg. Gatsby, Nuxt, Next)
1️⃣ Single Language
🚀 Modern Stack
🔌 Easy to Extend
🏎 Rapid Development
📈 Easily Scalable

The Backstory

Factor was created as an internal framework for building our own apps at Kaption.

After wasting many months reading technical documentation, debugging, reinventing the wheel, and discovering undisclosed limitations of various services; we decided we needed to formalize our software approach and build something simple and standard.

With that, we started building Factor.

Try It Out

Now that you know a little about Factor, and what it can do for you, you probably want to learn about installation and setup or read about it's core concepts and architecture.